Trail Trials HEET Fundraiser

                        Trail Trials

                              Fundraiser for HEET

This is a two day event. You may attend both days or just one day, your choice. Dry camping is available, reservations are required. SPACE IS LIMITED

Reservations are required for participation and/or for camping.

For more information or reservations, contact Shirley @ 805-610-0934 or email

Bring: You and your horse


April 25
10 an Clinic
1pm Obstacle Challenge
Clinic  $20
Challenge  $40

April 26
10am First riders out
Trail Trials
Open $50
Novice $50

**NOTE: You may use PayPal to pay in advance (, but you MUST contact Shirley if you are planning to attend.

Special both days for $100


Where:  84502 White Rd, Parkfield 93451

If you would just like to make a donation, feel free to mail a check to Shirley made out to HEET or use Paypal (either way, please specify that this is a donation)
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