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This will be the spot to show off rescues and activities for HEET.

New HEET Introduction Video Posted
We have been working hard to get an introduction video made by Dawn Perrine ready for public viewing. I have posted the video to youtube for everyone to see. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or concerns on our new video. Please click on the link above and enjoy the video.

HEET participated in the Birthday Bash for HART

HEET participated in the Birthday Bash for the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) of Cambria. A good time was had by all who attended. Here is a letter of thanks to HEET.

Just a note to thank you and HEET for participating in our big Birthday Bash event on June 18th. Your groups participation helped us toward completing our event qualification for Purina Rally To Rescue's Do Your Own Rally event. Their sponsorship of this event will bring critically needed funds to HART and help us with our veterinarian bills and costs to spay/neuter and vaccinate the hoard of kittens we now have.

If there is ever anything HART can do to help further HEET's mission - including partnering with HEET in a emergency evacuation situation, please let us know. If we all work together we can make a difference in all animal's lives.

Thank you, again.

Denise Newbarr, VP on behalf of the board, staff and volunteers

P.S. The mini horse was a big hit. Thank you for bringing it along!


HEET Booth


Visiting the Mini


Taking A Break


Nellie's Rescue

We were recently contacted by Deputy Darren Davidson in regards to a horse that the owner needed to relinquish due to some financial difficulties she was experiencing.

Arrangements were made with one of HEET's safe houses in South County and Nellie was moved 2 days later. Her condition was described by the deputy as a weak 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being morbidly obese and 1 being total emaciated). When we went to collect her, she had a blanket on so we were unable to see her horrible condition until we reached the safe house. Unfortunately, we weren't too surprised, but the owner of the safe house was taken back a bit.

What we knew about Nellie when she came into our care was that she was an 18 year old Appy/Quarter Horse, red roan, 15 hands, a good 500 pounds under weight, depressed eye, but still glad to greet you when you came into her pen. Nellie was being used as a high school rodeo horse and sustained an injury during that time that was never treated, which caused her to have drop fetlock syndrome on her rear left leg. Because of this we knew she could no longer be ridden, so we needed to find a sanctuary for her to live the rest of her life.

Donations were requested for Nellie, and with those donations we were able to have her teeth floated because her mouth was in terrible condition. Not only had they not been done in quite sometime, but she also had a fractured tooth that food pack into, causing her to have a low grade infection (who knows how long that was going on). Also, with the donations we were able to have her vaccinated and purchased much needed senior feed and hay (for a short time). The owner of the safe house paid to have her feet trimmed three times and paid for her hay once the donations dried up.

What we found out about Nellie during her stay with us was she was extremely kind, had excellent ground manners, and had a big 'ole heart in her. We're sure at one time she was a very nice riding horse. Her eyes went from depressed to bright eyed and happy. Nellie could be quiet sassy when she had her little herd of boys around her. She gained over 400 pounds with us and still has another 100 + pounds to go.

We are happy to say that Nellie was accepted into Redwings Horse Sanctuary and recently made the trip up there to start her new life.

These rescues are never easy when they come in, but it does your heart good when they go to their new home happy and on their way to a full recovery and you know you had a small part in making it happen.

Here are  some before and after pictures of Nellie.

Nellie when she was picked up in November
Nellie at 10 weeks after rescue
Nellie arriving at her new home on 26 Feb
Nellie checking out her new digs