Horse Registry


Have you decided on a plan for your pet(s) in the event you must evacuate your home or farm during a disaster emergency? Do you need help evacuating your animals? It is important that you do some advance planning.

An airline approved animal crate for small animals is recommended. These should be big enough for the animal to comfortably stand up and turn around in. It is important your pet be vaccinated and that medical and identification tags with your name, address, and telephone number be attached to the carrier. This way if you and your pets become separated during the evacuation process, you can be easily reunited later. Include any special care instructions or allergies your pet may have.

In the case of large animals information should be attached to halters or collars. Current pictures of you and your pet should be kept with you.

Remember to have a two-weeks supply of your pet’s food and medicines labeled and ready to go with it.

HEET is here to help you. Pre-registration notifies us your horse(s) may need assistance in an emergency. If you believe you may need our services, please contact HEET at 466-7457.  We are an emergency response team dedicated to helping in the event of disaster. There is no fee for our services.

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