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Its time for another Trailer Cut-up Training!  HEET provides an old horse trailer and assists Cal Fire teams to extract our "plastic" horse.

This year will be at Station 21 adjacent to the San Luis Obispo Airport, Sunday June 10 from 9:00 to noon.  Please arrive early, around 8:45 to visit and coordinate parking.

Due to the restrictions generated by the new airport, parking is sparse and parking at the station is limited to the elderly or handicapped.  Please park across the street on Farmhouse Road or ACIJET has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot, 4733 Broad Street, same side just south and up the hill from Station 21! Please be courteous and park as close to the Station as possible as they do have personnel on site at all times. Carpooling is still recommended from your various areas.

Everyone is welcome to attend and observe. If CAL FIRE requires assistance, only members will be allowed to assist.

Picture attached in a pdf file.

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