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How it works:  1.     Free course for current HEET members only.  2.     Resgister at 3.     When registering please enter referral code: HEET Member. 4.     Free access to the online course is manually entered daily.  If you need access sooner, please call Nan at 805-929-0921 after completing the online registration. 5.     You will recive an email confirming your course access. 6.     Once you receive the email, simply login to your account and click on the course name to begin. 7.     The online course must be completed before attending the skills class. 8.     Pre-registration is required for the skills classes.  Call 805-929-0921 to pre-register.  Please leave your name, telephone number and date of the skills class.  9.     The hands-on portion is for the human first aid and CPR portion. Skills dates are:            Thursday, June 28th     6:30 - 9pm  South County             Saturday, June 30th        11:30am - 2pm  North County             Locations will be posted here on June June 25th More information below. As some of you may or may not know Nan Bowman of Action Safety Education, Inc. and Eric De Vos, DVM Los Padres Equine Veterinary Services have put together an online Emergency Courses, at, that we as HEET members can take advantage of.  The program is designed to give us the training and confidence we need to act appropriately during a crisis.  The course outlines Disaster Planning for Home, Barn, & Business, Equine Medical Emergencies, Horse First Aid, Human First Aid & CPR, and much more.   We can now do our monthly training online in the comfort of our homes any time we wish.  The skills training does require a 2 to 2 ½ hour of classroom time, but again Nan is willing to provide her time to help us set up a day that we can all get together to complete the course. The only stipulation is it that after you complete the online course you must take the skill course (in classroom training) within 60 days. There is a cost for this program but Nan and Dr. De Vos are willing to waive the cost provided you are a current member of HEET. This is a nation wide program, so tell all of your friends and family near and far to check it out. When a member refers someone that pays for the course, a $ 10.00 donation will be made to HEET.   This is an incredible opportunity that they are providing for us and that is why we are asking that you help us update our records so that we can work together with Nan and Dr. De Vos.   And most importantly we want to be sure all of our members are SAFE and PREPARED for any emergencies that we may have.     Please fill out the attached membership application and return with your $ 25.00 donation or $ 35.00 for family (2 or more) by June 1st.  Once your donation is received you will be able to access the online course material. If you have already given your $ 25.00 donation please contact me for the required information.  Nan has scheduled 2 tentative dates for skills class, Wednesday June 13 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM or Saturday June 30th from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. So, once again, please send your application back on or before June 1st so we take advantage of this great opportunity.   Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.