Meeting Minutes


April 7, 2007


The meeting was called to order by President Julie Monser who immediately asked for nominations from the floor for the new HEET officers and board members. It was agreed by all present that the new line up for 2007 would be as follows:

President Hank Grattan

Vice President Robert Taylor

Secretary Carolyn Sokol

Treasurer Chris Shell

Membership Julie Monser

Publicity/PR Kathe Hustace

Fundraising Susan McElhinney

Next Kathe Hustace invited any members who were present to host Sheriff ‘s Office sponsored Neighborhood Watch meetings.

This was followed by a presentation by Nan Bowman wherein she discussed the new HEET website and online classes which were being offered to HEET members free. These classes would consist of Horse First Aid and Human First Aid including CPR and emergency instructions. The classes are open to the public for a fee which would include a donation to HEET. The first one is to be completed by May 15 with a follow up hands-on training tentatively set for May 19. It was mentioned that September is National Preparedness Week.

Orange sweatshirts were donated to HEET by Julie’s brother for night rescues and round ups. Patches were available to be sewn on the sweatshirts. These were distributed to members.

Julie told us of fly sheets that are available that had served as protection for horses who had run through fires in their efforts to escape the flames. Susan said she would look into the possibility ordering some at a discount.

Carolyn Sokol suggested the purchase of T-shirts with the HEET logo on them to be purchased by members for wearing during non-emergency HEET functions. These could be purchased from the source for $8.50 and sold to HEET members for $15 which would offset the absence of dues money. A discussion ensued wherein a preference for polo shirts was suggested as well as a choice of different colors for the shirts. A sign up sheet was circulated so that members could indicate their preferences as well as the size and number they would need.

Dues were collected from the members present and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, 

Carolyn Sokol