New Cal Fire App & Trailer Rodeo information

In case you missed it on Facebook, Cal Fire has posted their new app for wildfires. Check it out here.

Our annual Trailer Rodeo will be held on Sunday this year, May 7th at 9am at the Unical Center (Elks Rodeo grounds)in Santa Maria at 9am. You will have the opportunity to show off your driving skills or learn some new ones. You will not be judged on what or how you do things, only learn new or sharpen your current skills. We are hoping to have a CHP officer there to let us know what new rules of the road have come out since last year. Either way, our capable team will be there to inspect your rigs and give you advice. So bring your rig and your trailer (please leave your horses home) and come join us for a couple of hours of fun and learning! We would like to move this event further north next year, but so far we have been unable to secure a place like the rodeo grounds that cost us nothing to use and has lots of room to practice. So if you have any ideas, please bring them with you, or reply to this email, we will look into them for next year..

Any questions, contact John Henry @ 478-3297

HEET Annual Trailer Rodeo

This isn't a rodeo with bucking horses or bucking bulls, or even bucking sheep. It is a fun 1/2 day improving your skills as a horse trailer driver.

What to bring? Yourself, your partner, if you have one, your rig (truck and trailer). What not to bring? Horses, dogs, cattle, llamas, or other livestock. This is strictly an equipment event.

What is the plan? There will be a short presentation on what to look for in terms of safety; how to quickly check over your truck and trailer; perhaps a bit of information on licensing standards for larger rigs. Lastly a discussion of any new laws.

After the presentation, everyone will have the opportunity to try the driving course challenges. There will be experienced people on hand to give you pointers on how to maneuver your vehicle, uphill, downhill, forwards and backwards. No judgment, no scores, no tickets, nothing but an opportunity to improve and learn.

This will all take place at what is now the Unocal Center, but which many of us know as the Elks' Rodeo Grounds in Santa Maria.

PLEASE RSVP, so we know how many donuts to buy! Also, it helps us plan better if we know how many to expect. You are not required to be a member to join us.

This is a FREE event, where you will get a chance to learn that would cost a bundle to buy. Please, plan to come, make yourself a safer, saner, better member of HEET! OK, maybe the saner part is wishful thinking, but still...come!

This link will give you a bing map from San Luis Obispo to the rodeo grounds.

What: Trailer Rodeo
When: May 14th 9am to 12 pm
Where: Elks Unocal Event Center
(Santa Maria Rode Grounds)
4040 US-101 S, Santa Maria, CA 93455

If you need any other information, Please contact Robert Taylor @ 916-215-2932.

Fire Safety/Fire Behavior Class

Hello, HEET Team Members:

Our first formal training of the year will take place on February 6, 2016 (02/06/2016), at CAL FIRE Station 30. This is our fire safety/ fire behavior class. It is important for anyone wanting to help with trailering, staging, or sheltering to take this class. Please try to attend. Station 30 is located at 2510 Ramada Drive, in Paso Robles. The class begins at 9:00 AM. HAMS, please check in at 8:30 AM. Thanks.

For futher information, please contact Greg Feinberg @ 458-2879